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Meet our new business developers

We had the pleasure of extending our team with three new business developers, all eager to meet new businesses and business owners. Get to know Karin, Tiina and Anna below.  

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Posintras summer opening hours

During the summer Posintra’s office is closed from 17th to 28th July. You can also book an appointment to business advising through our online booking. 

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Empowering tomorrow sustainably

Responsibility and sustainable development. Circular economy and environmental business. Topical terms and actions without which it is hard to imagine the...

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What do the neighbours think?

During the spring of 2021, the LUCIA project surveyed the opinions of the residents of the Porvoo Länsiranta regarding the park area under construction. The perspective of the survey was the comfort and safety of the park area.

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The LUCIA seminar will be held on 28 September 2020

On 28 September 2020 at 1 pm–3:30 pm, the LUCIA seminar will be held at the Art Factory in Porvoo, both as a local and online event. In this seminar, we will hear about and discuss the observations and experiences that have emerged about urban lighting during the project, and we will also learn what is happening in Porvoo in relation to the LUCIA project.

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Energy guide for companies

The Huima project published an energy guide "Energy guide for companies". Find out if your business has potential to save energy.   Download the guide here:...

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Business cost support

Cost support is intended for companies whose turnover has fallen significantly as a result of the coronavirus and which have costs that are difficult to adjust.

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The Tutka project gives me different perspectives

During the corona pandemic, the half-day workshops of the Tutka project became online workshops lasting a few hours, which have been complemented with remote sessions where the entrepreneurs have been able to coach each other.

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Enhanced Business Services

Posintras enhanced business services in corona situation Posintra gives enhanced business advice for companies about the problems caused by corona virus You...

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Happy job hunting!

  ”Good employment is a mixture of listening, respect, and asking the right questions. It thrives on networking and enjoys peer support and leisurely...

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Posintra helps companies grow

Growth is a matter of will, but it is always about insights as well. If we get to the bottom of it, your company is a growth company just as any other.

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Help for investment calculations

Entrepreneur, are you about to make large acquisitions? – It is advisable to check their profitability with investment calculations. You can get low-threshold assistance with investment calculations from Posintra. For the time being, the service is free of charge. 

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The new Ohjaamo in Loviisa is aimed at young people

The new Ohjaamo (One-Stop Guidance Centre) in Loviisa has started its operations. Ohjaamo offers young people low-threshold assistance in planning the future, applying for a job, and finding work try-out, job or training opportunities.

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Kasvu Open 2018 is here!

Kasvu Open is Finland’s biggest growth program for companies who have a strong willingness and potential to grow and develop their businesses further.

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Posintra’s NPS is excellent

Towards the end of 2017, we asked our customers and interest groups to provide feedback on our service and its various elements. We wanted to know where we have succeeded and where there is room for improvement.

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We want to serve you even better

The year 2017 of Posintra got its final boom today as our Project Manager Henri nailed the quality
certificate we received a week ago on the wall of our office. It is the ISO9001 certificate, which states that we want to serve our customers even better in the future.

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