Expertise, personal help and approachable services come up as Posintra’s strengths in customer feedback. In a recent survey, the business consultancy services were given the amazing NPS value of 88.


Up to 97 per cent of the business consultancy clients taking Posintra’s recent NPS survey considered our services customer-centric and more than 94 per cent stated that the help they received influenced their own decisions. In 2022, our business consultancy clients gave the services the amazing Net Promoter Score of 88. The results were received with pride.


‘We strive to bring our values into practice in every client encounter. We find it important to help the client find solutions to their business challenges while offering them new perspectives and an excellent customer experience. It is rewarding to see that the clients have also seen this,’ says Fredrik Pressler, the CEO of Posintra.


The respondents had contacted Posintra for help in matters such as founding a company, sales and marketing, growth and internationalisation plans, product development and funding arrangements. Posintra’s clients include a wide range of companies from different turnover categories and fields.


‘Questions related to changes of ownership and business transactions are also reflected in the results, and we have also invested in these by developing our own competence and strengthening our partnerships. It is great that the clients have found these services, too,” Pressler says.


Business developers Tanja and Peter welcome customers at a low threshold at any stage of business operations.

Business developers Tanja and Peter welcome customers at a low threshold at any stage of business operations.


A low threshold

Posintra services want to keep the threshold low for both small questions and large business development projects. Many clients tend to return to the services when their business operations change. Previous positive experiences and recommendations by others are also major reasons mentioned in the answers for seeking out the services.


‘We consider our organisation a company incubator that people can contact to get exact answers or push through more long-term business development processes and where people can return to any time they feel they need our services. Quite often, one client is greeted by several business developers, as they all have their own specialities that the client has been able to utilise,’ Pressler says.


Projects offer an additional channel for learning more about different business themes. The survey was also targeted at companies and stakeholders taking part in various project operations. The answers related to these also praised Posintra for its expertise, smooth and flexible service and local impact.


‘Our goal is to support the vitality of companies and our region and become the best partner for our clients and stakeholders. It is great to see that our work has such a good reputation – and that it actually also achieves results.’


What customers said:

“Top people.”

“I was met genuinely and with interest, unhurriedly.”

“A sincere desire to help the client develop his or her business.”


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