The values that guide Posintra’s operations are:



We operate on the principle of open cooperation, which means that

  • our operations are honest and can handle all scrutiny
  • we communicate wisely and openly about our operations, project results and events to our owners and other stakeholders
  • we maintain an open discussion culture



We allow success and profitability by building trust in interaction with each other, which means that

  • we stick to what is agreed
  • we co-operate with reliable partners
  • we are loyal to the working community and take care of the working environment
  • we clearly define our common ambition with our customers and guarantee of supply reliability in all our services



Customer is the most important! For us it means that

  • we recognize and anticipate customer needs wherever possible
  • we operate on the basis of our customers’ needs and up-to-date information
  • we examine and respond effectively to the feedback we receive
  • we encourage each other to open cooperation and to utilize collective competence

Our customers include: start-up entrepreneurs, operating companies, owners, financiers, media, own personnel.



For us, professionalism means that

  • we prospect the future unceasingly, anticipate and stay ahead of change
  • we have an inner flame and a desire to develop
  • we have the skill to cooperate and jump into different roles if needed
  • we are jointly responsible, that is, we take things over and manage the entire situations seamlessly from the beginning to the end


Our role is to be pioneers and open windows to the world. We want to test our own limits, stick our necks out and throw ourselves into new situations. We have the courage to set goals high, try, encourage and sometimes fail and learn from it for the future.



Posintra’s ethical principles are:



Posintra respects human rights and the fundamental labour rights defined by the International Labour Organization (ILO), promotes equality, opposes any form of discrimination, and strives to exercise due diligence in all its activities. Furthermore, Posintra does not accept any psychologically or physically offensive, threatening, compulsive, or exploitative behaviour in its own or its partners’ operations.

Posintra’s operations are based on expert work, the most important of which is skilled and motivated personnel who can work in a safe and supportive work environment, increasing their professionalism through the exchange of tasks and training required to perform tasks.

Posintra actively promotes personnel well-being. Regular development discussions give direction to personal goals, and personnel are encouraged to engage in continuous open discussion and presenting suggestions for improvement.



Posintra’s decision-making, working methods and communication are honest, open and transparent, and consider our environmental, economic and social responsibility towards our stakeholders and the society. We also expect the same from our cooperation partners. We adhere to laws and regulations, and we act as bearers of responsibility both locally and internationally to promote social well-being, cultural diversity, and business and competitiveness based on sustainable development.

Through continuous development of the procurement process, we strive to ensure that environmentally friendly, socially sustainable solutions based on life-cycle thinking take precedence.

In our projects, we work actively to improve social welfare, prevent climate change and promote new, comprehensively sustainable business opportunities.



Posintra actively contributes to the prevention of shadow economy and does not accept any form of fraudulent or unethical activity or corruption. Posintra’s duty is to prevent money laundering and to prevent tax assets from ending up in tax havens.

Bribery is forbidden, and Posintra’s employees are not allowed to accept benefits that aim to influence Posintra’s decision-making or operations.

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