Entrepreneur, are you about to make large acquisitions? – You can check their profitability with investment calculations

Well planned is half done, and this also applies to investments. The right investment can lead a company to success, and in the worst-case scenario, the wrong one can bring it down.

You can get low-threshold assistance with investment calculations from Posintra. The service is free of charge, for the time being.

– It is advisable to make investment calculations for every even slightly larger acquisition. They are suitable for both large factory acquisitions and small hair saloon supplies, says Jutta Westerlund (in the picture), Business Advisor and Development Manager at Posintra.

Investointilaskelmista apua,

Investment calculations help you find the most profitable investments for the company. For start-up entrepreneurs, the calculations indicate how much money is required before the operation can begin. For the more experienced, they are of help in, for example, expanding the operations.

They also help you better perceive your business.

– I always encourage entrepreneurs to keep track of their operations in numbers as well. The numbers do not usually lie.


Simple and tangible information

The situation and plans of the company are discussed at the meeting with Posintra. Information about the company and the planned acquisition can be included.

Calculations are made using, for example, free software that customers can use on their own computer, as well as new software specializing in investment calculations, Invest for Excel, designed by Porvoo-based DataPartner.

– With Invest for Excel we can make, e.g. more detailed investment calculations than before, and compare several investment alternatives, Westerlund describes.

The purpose of the calculations is to obtain quality, easy-to-read and tangible information to support the decision-making of the entrepreneur. They can also help avoid making the wrong decisions.

– Without calculations, it may be difficult to balance what and how much to acquire. Many entrepreneurs have praised the fact that no unnecessary acquisitions were made after making the calculations. We can also help customers search for more profitable alternatives for their planned investments.

Westerlund recommends all entrepreneurs planning acquisitions to contact Posintra.

– When we make these calculations together, they get done. If the calculations are not the own passion of the entrepreneur, they are easily left out, Westerlund knows.


When you need assistance in your investment calculations, please book a time for our business consultation tel.  050 597 3887 (weekdays klo 9 – 16).

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