How to build a successful brand, how to stand out on social media and run an online shop? These were  among the questions answered during our 11 Tulostakomo trainings between 2018 and 2019, held with our highly competent collaborators.

Hundreds of active and budding entrepreneurs participated in the trainings. According to the post-event survey, the participants were very satisfied with the trainings. The trainings received a fine average rating, 4,5/5.


SOME and SEO became familiar last year

In 2018, Tulostakomo trainings were started with becoming acquainted with social media marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO). The participants were given practical tips and tools for supporting sales and marketing, and they learnt how to market and sell productively using data.

The collaborators in the trainings were Ville Olkkonen and Kalle Alanen from Haven Porvoo agency.

– It was a pleasure to see there is demand for digital marketing expertise. There were so many enrolments, that there was not enough room for everyone to participate, Alanen says.

– The participants came from all kinds of business fields, and they understood the content. Several of them started pondering how to implement their learnings in their own company.

During the autumn, Tulostakomo also co-operated with Katri Kilpeläinen from Toimisto Poks.


Ville Olkkonen ja Kalle Alanen, Haven Porvoo.


Yrittäjä Katri Kilpiäinen, toimisto POKS

Katri Kilpiäinen, toimisto Poks


All of the four trainings were held in Porvoo, and all of them had about 45 participants.

The fifth and the last Tulostakomo of 2018 focused on everyday online shopping especially through Finnish online shopping platform, Johku. Tips regarding selling online and payment transactions, as well as online shop discoverability and visibility were given in the training.

Our collaborators were CoSpace and Aptual Commerce Ltd, and there were about 20 participants.


The brand was perfected this year

In 2019, Tulostakomo main theme consisted of brands and branding, and those were covered in training events, four in total.

Our collaborator was the head instructor Teemu Kankainen from Aava & Bang Ltd, who dug into the first steps of brand building during the first spring and summer trainings: what makes a brand and how to start building it.



Teemu Kankainen, Aava & Bang


The topic was deepened on the second training evening session as brand was approached from visuality, stories and management perspectives. There were about 35 participants in each of the trainings and they were held at CoSpace Porvoo.

In addition, during the autumn of 2019, there was an extensive online shop training in Loviisa. In the training, Vilkas Group Ltd, Matkahuolto Ltd, Coreorient Oy, DS Smith Finland, the city of Loviisa and a local online entrepreneur Viidakkotohtori Linda Wirtanen told about running an online business from its very start to delivering packages. There were over 30 participants.

The sixth and the last Tulostakomo training covered contract law. Seppo Parviainen and Tuomas Huokuna from professional partner Agens Ltd told about the importance and effects of contracts using concrete examples. They also demonstrated their own digital tool from Agens. There were 10 participants.


Seppo Parviainen, Agens Oy


Tulostakomo trainings continue

Tulostakomo training events are forging ahead next year also. The target is to stay on top of current topics, leaning forward a bit preferably. More info coming soon, follow our website

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