Ramboll Finland has prepared a general plan commissioned by Posintra for the lighting of the new guest harbour connecting the harbour and the recreational facilities on the western bank of Porvoonjoki. The lighting plan is aimed at implementing a comprehensive solution that is in line with Porvoo’s cultural environment and enhances the city’s low light atmosphere and identity.

– Porvoo’s new guest harbour provides services throughout the year, not only during the sailing season. The lighting plan lays the framework for multi-faceted, quality harbour services and recreational activities around the year. Lighting control allows the usability and ambiance of the area to be adapted to various events and needs, comments Posintra Director of Regional Development Topi Haapanen.

The design was based on achieving a versatile lighting solution that facilitates the use of services based on innovative technology. The lighting plan is based on a system involving control and sensor technology, which acts as a platform for innovative services.

– The service platform is comprised of the lighting infra, sensors and field devices. The system makes it easier to manage the infra and services. The system also allows for real-time monitoring of the usage rates and energy-efficiency of the area. The lighting plan also includes solutions for visitor guidance and security challenges, describes Ramboll Finland Project Manager Reija Pasanen.

The general plan of the lighting is based on the regional plan designed in 2017 by WSP Finland Oy. The plan also includes the visitor information plan prepared in 2018 by FCG Suunnittelu ja tekniikka Oy. The work is commissioned by the developer Posintra Oy. The plan was prepared in the summer of 2018 through a collaboration between the City of Porvoo and Porvoon Energia. Reija Pasanen of Ramboll Finland is the Project Manager of the consultant.

The work is part of the 30MILES project, which improves the tourism and guest harbor cooperation in the eastern Gulf of Finland. Posintra Oy is a project partner in the Eastern Uusimaa region. The project is led by the Merikotka Center for Maritime Safety and Transport. The project’s main financier is the Interreg Central Baltic funding program.

Here you can find the plan


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