Recruiting event Duunitehdas 2020, ‘Job Factory’, will now be held for the sixth time on 4 February 2020. Henkka Hyppönen will visit the new evening event, Koulutustehdas, to tell the audience about the work of the future.


Henkka Hyppönen: “Young people of today will have seven different professions before they reach retirement.”

“Many people still think that people will only have one or two professions during their entire lives. However, it’s likely that the young people now considering their study options will have seven different professions before they reach retirement. As for those still on the lower stages of comprehensive school, their future job descriptions haven’t even been invented yet,” says professional speaker Henkka Hyppönen.

New technologies will quickly modify the future. Some professions disappear and others are born, and the nature of existing jobs will change.

“Work of the future is increasingly defined by the new division of work between man and machine. Machines have stepped on the cognitive side; they can now learn and even create. It is a breath-taking change. People are required to have abilities such as creative problem-solving, critical thinking, social intelligence and flexibility, and skills such as creating meaning,” Hyppönen says.

Hyppönen will take part in Koulutustehdas, ‘Education Factory’, held on 4 February 2020, where he will speak about the work life skills of the future between 6:30 pm and 7 pm.


Koulutustehdas provides support for choosing studies and career paths 

Duunitehdas, now organised for the sixth time, offers something new to its visitors every year, and this time it is Koulutustehdas.

Koulutustehdas is a free-of-charge evening event intended especially for 8th and 9th grade pupils and their parents, where the visitors can learn about the training and education available in Eastern Uusimaa. The event will be held in the Factory Hall of Porvoo Art Factory.

“Parents have authority over their children, and they influence their children’s educational decisions, but many may have an outdated image of what studying and working life are like right now and how they will be in the future. That is why it is important for the parents to keep up to date,” says Anne Wetterstrand, Posintra’s Project Manager.

Nowadays, you can study either online, at school or through an apprenticeship, for example. The contents of studies will be designed based on the student’s needs, and students can start their studies at almost any time of the year.

Koulutustehdas will start at 5 pm and end at 7 pm.


Duunitehdas brings thousands of job seekers together with employers

Duunitehdas, a collaborative event by TE Services, Posintra Oy and the City of Porvoo, will bring those looking for a study place or a job together with educational institutes and workplaces at the Art Factory on 4 February 2020 from 10 am to 3:30 pm.

Thousands of visitors and more than 50 exhibitors are expected to attend the event. By estimate, more than 5,000 jobs, from long-term employment relationships to summer jobs lasting a few weeks, are available through Duunitori for people of all ages, both experienced professionals and those just out of comprehensive school.

Educational institutes will present their work and available study paths at Duunitehdas.

Registration process for exhibitors has now started.

“We are hoping that also new companies would be interested to participate this year,” Wetterstrand says.


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