Growth is a matter of will, but it is always about insights as well. If we get to the bottom of it, your company is a growth company just as any other. When we find the right framework and needs for growth, many other things that are important to your business development come up, some you were not necessarily even aware of. So, growth means different types of growth – the growth of the turnover, market and well-being of the company.

Posintra’s Growth Service is designed to identify growth and help companies on their growth path. By working together with Posintra, you receive your own company-specific growth plan and financial plan, as well as ready-made steps for growth.

Dear Entrepreneur/CEO – May we help?

We are ready to work with you on complete growth plans, in which we explore the following topics:


1. Vision and will

Growth begins with defining the vision and will. You must have a clear picture and will on where the company is in 5-10 years.

2. Concrete objectives

With the vision clear in your mind and the will in place, the vision is concretized into measurable and functional objectives. The objectives define the company operations and help prioritize things. Well-set objectives support success and enthusiasm arising from it as well.

3. Analysing the current situation – determining the competitive advantage

Before stepping on the growth path, you should analyse the current situation of your company precisely. The assessment of the current situation involves recording the strengths and weaknesses of the company, and assessing the market and competitors. The objective is to find the right tools to identify your position in the market.

4. Risks of growth and bottlenecks

Assessing the current situation helps find the growth potential, starting points and ideas for the growth plans. In addition, risks that threaten growth are identified, as well as the bottlenecks, which are fundamentally related to management development needs.

5. Growth strategy and the right paths

The next step is to determine the alternative paths to the desired growth. Path planning defines the milestones and things that have to succeed in order to achieve our objective. At the same time, we consider in depth how we stand out in the market, what is our value promise to the customer, and what is the best business model for us.

6. Growth plan

Our completed growth plan serves as your guide and tool for growth. By implementing the growth plan and adjusting it as needed, you will reach your objective.


Let’s do this together! Get on the path to growth with us.

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