The current stressful situation burdens our brain, claims social psychologist Milla Suvikannel.

– Many are now just treading water. That way of thinking should be changed. What if we now have the chance of a lifetime to bring about all the renewals we were afraid to do before, not wanting to mess up our day-to-day life, as well as the opportunity to visualize a whole new view? How inspiring is that!

Instead of moaning about the corona situation, Suvikannel encourages people to look for solutions. A lighter work burden or new kind of demand are great situations also for improving oneself.

Suvikannel herself is developing the operations of her company through Posintra’s Tutka project, currently via a remote connection.


Milla Suvikannel Tutka-hanke

Cooperation between companies now even more important

During the corona pandemic, the half-day workshops of the Tutka project became online workshops lasting a few hours, which have been complemented with remote sessions where the entrepreneurs have been able to coach each other.

– I think that the fact that we have been able to reflect on our thoughts with other entrepreneurs has given me the most in the Tutka project, Suvikannel says.

– One of the entrepreneurs put it into words really well: the major insight we have gained through this project is that it is very hard to improve the situation of one’s company alone. We need each other!

Suvikannel moved her company from Ireland to Finland only last November and hoped to create local contacts through the project.

– Being able to network is important, and so is hearing how things are done here in Porvoo. Suvikannel says that the project has given her motivation to move her own operations forward.

– The Tutka project has helped me schedule time for thinking and given me different perspectives. Also, the project leader, Anne Wetterstrand, is a very efficient, energetic lady!

During the coronavirus pandemic, we need even more solidarity and communality. – Corona pulled the rug out from under us all. The best way to get through this crisis is to face it together – and that also applies to us solo entrepreneurs.

Read Milla Suvikantele’s interview for Itäväylä in Finnish


More information about the Tutka project:

Anne Wetterstrand, Business developer
+ 358 50 366 0125

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