The Eco Act Challenge (Ekotekotempaus) of Kevätkumpu School in Porvoo was awarded at the municipal circular economy competition. The award was granted in a competition organised by Sitra and the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, which searched for the most interesting circular economy solutions of the municipalities.

The environmental team of Kevätkumpu School in Porvoo has designed ‘Ekotapapassi’, an eco act passport in which fifth graders mark the eco-friendly actions they have done during their leisure time. These actions can be related to recycling, energy conservation and consumerism, and the passport is marked after the pupil recycles glass or switches off a light that is not in use, for example.

This campaign is carried out in comprehensive schools of Porvoo during the national energy conservation week. The fifth graders of Kevätkumpu School will, with the help of Porvoo’s development company Posintra, challenge all other fifth grades to take part. The Kevätkumpu library has also participated in the Eco Act Challenge by, for example, arranging programme related to the theme during the energy conservation week.

“The new generation must grow into sustainable life styles and consumer habits. The Eco Act Challenge shows how to make everyday choices that mitigate climate change and, in its part, promotes resource wisdom. It also helps promote the City of Porvoo’s goal of decreasing local carbon footprint,” says Deputy Mayor Fredrick von Schoultz.

“Through the regular campaigns of Porvoo schools, the solutions of sustainable development will also become familiar to the parents. With the help of the school pupils, the parents also learn to pay attention to the themes of sustainable development, as they must sign off their child’s Eco act passport before it is returned to the teacher. All students will receive a diploma for their voluntary participation, and prizes are drawn among those who returned their passport,” says class teacher Heli Päivärinne from Kevätkumpu School.

The campaign brings together homes and schools in a positive manner. The children’s eco actions may inspire entire families to adapt more ecological habits. As the Eco Act Challenge is arranged annually, it will always familiarise a new age group with the theme, which means that many families will become part of the campaign.

The Eco act passport, Ekotapapassi, has a creative commons licence and it is available for public use. The campaign has garnered international interest, which brings added visibility to the City of Porvoo. With the help of Climate Leadership Council, #ecoactchallenge has also been implemented in New York.

For more information, please turn to Project Manager Arto Varis, Posintra Ltd, tel. +358 40 730 5440,

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