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The most extensive business coaching program in Finland, Kasvu Open, offers companies free expertise for the development of their business. You can apply by joining your local ‘Path of Growth’ (Kasvupolku) program. 

”Kasvu Open helped me stop and think about where I’m going. I recommend the program to everyone who wants to develop their company,” says Jenni Timoska, founder of the Arkista Paskaa company.

Kasvu Open, a national business coaching program, will be organised for the 9th time year in 2020. In the program, the best experts and investors in Finland advise growth-seeking companies on how to develop their business. The program accepts applications from 12 November 2019 to 11 March 2020.

“Kasvu Open offers companies a free opportunity to improve their business. That’s why we challenge every entrepreneur who’s interested in developing their business to apply for the competition,” says Fredrik Pressler from Posintra.

You can apply for Kasvu Open by participating in your local ‘Path of Growth’ (Kasvupolku), which includes two days of coaching in business development, marketing, funding and internationalization.

The Path of Growth will conclude with a ‘Runway Day’ when companies present their elevator pitches to the jury. All Kasvu Open participants will also be invited to additional coaching sessions organised by topic.

The winner chosen by the jury and a company with an honorary mention will enter the Kasvu Open Carnival in Jyväskylä in 2020.

In the Kasvu Open Carnival, the winners of the entire season will be selected from among the finalists.



Experiences of Porvoo-based companies: “Kasvu Open made me stop and think”

Posintra has been Kasvu Open’s regional partner since 2015.

“During our years of working together, a total of 119 companies from Eastern Uusimaa have joined the Paths of Growth in Kasvu Open, of which 57 have received coaching, and 12 have made it to the Top 100 in the Kasvu Open processes,” Pressler says.

Hamari Auditorium Furniture Solutions participated in Kasvu Open in 2017.

“Typically, Finnish companies are shy about marketing their products. You won’t make it in Kasvu Open if you don’t know how to say good things about your business. This was a great opportunity to practice pitching,” says Jari Jääskelä, CEO of Hamari.

Participating in the program encouraged Hamari to polish its marketing.

“I recommend the program to everyone who wants to learn about effective marketing. Sometimes, even a small increase in marketing will boost your sales significantly.”


Arkista Paskaa participated in Kasvu Open in 2018.

“A year ago, I was just running around and packaging orders. Kasvu Open helped me stop and think about where I’m going. I recommend Kasvu Open to everyone who wants to develop their company. You get to meet people from various industries. They are able to ask you questions that you wouldn’t think of by yourself,” says Jenni Timoska, founder of Arkista Paskaa.


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Read more about the Kasvu Open competition (in Finnish): 

More information: Director of Business Services Fredrik Pressler,,  +358 500 498 969

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