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Sources of financing for different stages of business:

TE-PALVELUT – Startup grant – The start-up grant is support for a start-up entrepreneur. You can get start-up money:

  • if you are an unemployed job seeker
  • you are not unemployed, but you become a full-time entrepreneur, for example from paid work, study or domestic work
  • you are a part-time entrepreneur and expanding your business full-time

FINNVERA – Financing solutions – Finnvera offers financing solutions for companies of different sizes, e.g. start-ups, growth and exports.

TESI-investments – TESI-investments: Venture Capital, Growth Equity, Industrial Investments


– Startup support helps you get started when you start your business. You can receive support for the measures in the establishment plan. An existing company can also receive startup aid if it enters into a completely new business. You can receive a startup support of between € 5,000 and € 35,000. The experiment can be supported from 2,000 to 10,000 euros. The aid is granted only to companies located in rural areas.


– Startups and expanding companies can receive investment support for, among other things, the acquisition or construction of production facilities, the acquisition of machinery and other fixed assets for intangible investments such as software, patents and manufacturing rights. The investment must be essential to the establishment, growth or development of the company.The investment must be essential to the establishment, growth or development of the company. Support levels vary by 20-40% depending on the sector and support zone. The aid is granted only to companies located in rural areas.

CENTRE FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, TRANSPORT AND THE ENVIRONMENT – research on the implementation of the investment

– If you are planning an investment, you can get support to find out its conditions and implementation. The aid is intended for the acquisition of expert services. With a feasibility study, you can find out, for example, whether it is more appropriate to acquire a finished production building instead of building a new one.


– Development aid is targeted at SME development measures and investments when a company starts up, wants to invest significantly in innovation, product, service or production method development, or seeks to grow or internationalize. Support max. 50%.


– Business development services are consulting and training services provided by the ELY Center that support the growth, renewal, internationalization and employment of SMEs. Current status analysis and development plan services (260 €/day) and consulting services (325 €/day).


– A development project carried out jointly by two or more actors, eg for the development, testing and piloting of products, product families, services, processes, supply chains and production. Support 60 – 80%. Support for joint training as well.

BUSINESS FINLAND – Young Innovative Companies

– For startup companies under five year, aiming at rapid international growth, to develop international business. Grant max. € 500,000, loan max. € 750,000 (max. 75% of costs) in three periods.


– Business Finland Venture Capital Oy invests in private equity funds that invest in Finnish startups.


– The main objective of energy aid is to promote the development of new and innovative solutions for the long-term transformation of the energy system into low carbon. Energy aid can be granted for such investment and clearing projects.

BUSINESS FINLAND – Material audit funding

– The material review allows the company to find out how much is lost in the company’s operations, what the price of the loss is and how it can be reduced. Material-efficient operations improve competitiveness, reduce the carbon footprint and are a concrete responsibility measure. Grant max. € 15,000 (50% support).

BUSINESS FINLAND – Innovation voucher

– The innovation voucher is intended for SMEs that have a new product or service idea with international growth potential and for which the company needs external know-how. With the innovation voucher, you can buy new information and know-how for your company.


– Into funding allows an SME or start-up company to purchase expert services to strengthen innovation, acquire industrial property rights (IPR) or to hire an expert on a temporary basis from a research organization or a large company. Grant € 15,000 – € 200,000 (support 50%).

BUSINESS FINLAND – Research, development and piloting

– Business Finland finances SMEs with the ability and desire to grow in export markets, as well as challenging and innovative research and development projects of midcap companies that lead to international growth. With research and development funding, you can accelerate product development, innovate or develop completely new products, services, production methods or business models. With the funding, it is possible to test and verify the operation of the new solution with customers.

BUSINESS FINLAND – Cooperation between companies and research organizations

– Joint projects of research organizations and companies, development and implementation of a joint research idea. At least 2 companies, optimum 5-7 participants.

BUSINESS FINLAND – Tempo-funding

– Tempo financing allows a company to improve its capacity for international growth in various ways, to test, for example, the functionality of a business concept, to test market, to obtain feedback from potential customers and to map demand in new international markets. A prerequisite for receiving funding is e.g. competent team, credible financing and growth vision. Grant max. € 50,000 (75% support).

BUSINESS FINLAND – Talent explorer

– Talent Explorer funding is intended for companies that are looking for new markets for their product, service or business model abroad by hiring an expert. The expert must have a good knowledge of the target market, as evidenced by, for example, knowledge of culture, language skills and target market networks. Grant max. € 20,000 (support max. 50%). Eligible costs are the wage costs of the person to be hired, including incidental expenses, and any travel expenses for the first 6 to 12 months.

BUSINESS FINLAND – Market explorer

– Market Explorer funding allows a company to purchase new knowledge and expertise and identify new potential export markets for an existing product, service or business model. The funding is intended only for the cost of purchased expert services. Grant 5,000 – 10,000 € (support 50%).

BUSINESS FINLAND – Group explorer

– Group Explorer funding is intended for groups of 4-10 companies to explore common business opportunities in the international market. Grant 2,500 – 20,000 € / company (support 40 – 50%).


– The EIC Accelerator is targeted at SMEs seeking strong international growth with high market and growth potential for innovation. The funding is intended to prepare for the commercialization of new, innovative products or solutions. Grant 0.5 – 2.5 mln. € (70% of the budget) to implement an international business plan: piloting, demonstration, building scalability. As an option, the capital applied for on the side of the grant can be used by the company, for example, for the activities of the commercialization phase of the innovation.

NOPEF – Grants for internationalization

– Nopef provides Nordic companies with funding to evaluate and prepare international investments in non-EU / EFTA countries. In addition, Nopef supports projects aimed at commercial-scale demonstration and pilot projects for environmentally friendly technologies and solutions. Funding may cover up to 40% of the cost of pre-internationalization studies up to a maximum of EUR 50 000.

FINNPARTNERSHIP – Business partnership support 

– Business partnership support is financial support for the planning, development, training and piloting phases of projects in developing countries. A Finnish company or other operator can apply for support for long-term, commercially co-operative and commercially profitable activities, including the import investigation and training phases. Projects must aim for long-term business and partnership in the target country.

FINNFUND – Investment funding

– Finnfund provides capital, mezzanine financing and loans to companies operating in developing countries. The criteria are e.g. financial viability, responsibility and development impact.


– Covering IP pre-diagnostic services (IP scan) and/or trade mark and design applications, the Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund can help you power your business.

Other useful links for entrepreneurs during the Corona period:

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TE Services – Unemployment security, lay-offs, redundancies and changes in the start-up period

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