EDUTECH products to boost the vitality of tourism

EDUTECH-tuotteista elinvoimaa matkailuun -hanke. Kuva Unsplash.

EDUTECH products to boost the vitality of tourism

The high competence level and the Finnish school system garner a great deal of interest abroad. Several cities have productized expert visits into product packages for their region to serve both international and Finnish visitors. Through productizing, the target is to develop and coordinate the dispersed expert-level visiting operations and to achieve synergy advantages for tourism and other livelihoods in the region.

In Business Finland, Visit Finland launched a new development and marketing project called “Educational Travel” in 2017. The objective is to include Finnish educational travel products in the product selection of travel agencies and to develop the product selection in Finland. Visit Finland has recognized that many areas have made educational travel into their new marketing spearhead. The central target countries are China, Japan, South Korea, India and United Arab Emirates. There is also some demand from the Great Britain, Russia and the United States.

The target of the EDUTECH products to boost the vitality of tourism project is to productise educational and expert visits into finished products for Porvoo. The project’s objective is to develop both products that require physical visits and virtual products.

The project’s implementation period is 1 January–31 December 2021. The project is implemented by development company Posintra Oy in cooperation with the City of Porvoo, which co-funds the project.

The project’s total budget is EUR 57,200. The main funding comes from development project funds promoting the recovery of tourism as livelihood (Matkailuelinkeinon elpymistä edistävät kehittämishankkeet -rahoitus), which is a part of the fourth supplementary budget of 2020, approved by the Finnish parliament in June 2020. In the funding application procedure for regional tourism organisations and operators involved in comprehensive development of tourism, organised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Regional Council of South Savo and the Regional Council of Southwest Finland 3 July–31 August 2020, a total of 29 projects were proposed to be funded out of the 89 applications sent. The primary goal required from the projects to be funded was to facilitate the recovery of tourism as livelihood and develop tourism in the areas.

More about the project (in Finnish and Swedish)

Further information:

Jenni Juuvinmaa, Development Manager 
+358 50 393 4736


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January 19, 2021

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