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Boost your sales and marketing skills

Were you awarded a start-up grant? Would you like to kick off your business with an effective sales and marketing strategy? You’ve come to the right place: Posintra’s Start-up Plus service is for you.

We'll cast ideas together

Congratulations – you got the start-up grant!

A start-up grant is a great stepping stone for starting a business. You already have a business idea and plan. The next thing to do is to find your customers to make the best out of your grant period. Posintra’s Start-up Plus service deepens your understanding of customerships and helps you build concrete steps to boost the profitability, sales and marketing of your business. A good groundwork will help you operate more consistently and grow your business more rapidly.

Posintra’s Start-up Plus service helps you clarify who to reach, where and how to reach them, and how to connect your business with their needs.

What is Start-up Plus?

Start-up Plus is a free-of-charge expert service that Uusimaa TE Office offers to customers who have been awarded a start-up grant or have started a business while receiving unemployment benefits for 4 months. You can get the most out of the Start-up Plus service if you participate within approximately 3 to 6 months from starting your business. We cater to all businesses with start-up grants in the Uusimaa region, either live or remotely.

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Posintra’s Start-up Plus service includes:

  • two experienced business developers as sparring partners
  • a concrete plan on how to create a profitable customer base, sales and marketing
  • ideas, support, basis for comparison
  • years of experience in developing profitable businesses in various sectors
  • an understanding of the challenges a new entrepreneur may face and how to tackle them
  • a total of up to five meetings free of charge, depending on your needs

Each year, we help hundreds of satisfied business clients who are in various business stages and situations.   

Are you interested? This is how it works!

  1. Sign up for the Start-up Plus service below. We will contact you to book your first appointment.
  2. Tell us about your business, and we will make a brief initial survey to help us get things moving at the first meeting.
  3. We meet up! Be prepared to spend about two hours at the first meeting. We may meet face-to-face or remotely, which ever suits you best.
  4. Follow up: we can meet for a total of X times, depending on your needs. We will provide you with a written plan for future reference, which can be revised along the course of the service.


Posintra’s Start-up Plus service is suitable for both first-time entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals who have started their own business. We will help you identify your most profitable customers and think of ways to make your product/service and content to best address their needs. We will refine the means by which your business can reach the customers of your choice and stand out from your competitors. Let’s work together to boost your sales from the start!

How to sign up?

Ready? So are we! Sign up for the service using this form and choose Posintra as partner.

How to register for Posintra’s Start-up Plus service:

1. at the TE office website and open the registration form at the website

2. Fill in the form details and choose Uusyrityskeskukset (Enterprise Agencies) as the service provider and Posintra as the office (even if the meetings take place remotely

3. Done! We will contact you to get started.




Questions about Start-up Plus service?

Not sure if Start-up Plus service is for you? Have any questions or problems with the application? Let us help you. Leave your contact details and write your phone number in the message field and we’ll call you. 

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